Pagan Practices

Pagan Practices

If you do not know much about parenting your child to becoming a pagan because you yourself are beginning in the practice then you can be able to see the guide below.

Celebrating Imbolc. This is a festival for the light and fire. But be sure to check the correct time based on your location before celebrating it. One way to celebrate it indoor is to make an altar in your kitchen where you can usually see it. Let your kids design it and choose materials for fun.

Yule ritual. You can simply gather Yule logs and burn it at the set time.  Indoor is a great place you can do it as a family. Surround the fire and receive its warm and meaning.

Samhain is to commemorate the life and the death. You can have your own customs in celebrating this time. You can make an altar and honor your ancestors. You can make other things that could symbolize death and life. It is a great way to involve your children even in different age group.

The season of Ostara. Like the farmers in other places who have their own rituals depending on the time of the year and what is the activity they will do like planting and harvesting which has rituals, you can also do.

The Beltane celebration is one of the occasion you will celebrate every year. It could be boring to your children if they are always the same so have room for imagination and invention.