Things you didn’t Know about Scientology

Things you didn’t Know about Scientology

There were myths about Scientology which you might have not known or heard before. Scientology is believed to be a mysterious religion. Did you know that thousands of Americans consider themselves as Scientologists? However, half of the churches that believes in this mysterious religion have already disappeared. Know about the myths regarding the belief in Scientology.

1. Scientology uses scientifically proven technology in practical way. This is just a myth according to Scientologists because they said that they have their own scientific studies but they do not reveal them.

2. Scientology claims to be compatible with other religions including Christianity. According to the founder of Scientology, he believe and claim that Christ is only a mythical figure which is against the belief of Christians. Like this, it is not true that Scientologists are at peace with Christians because they will be having a conflict regarding the existence of Christ.

3. Scientology can cure diseases through prescribing vitamins and a process called “auditing”. Did you know that the US Federal government prosecuted Scientology for making health claims? Get the chance for your visa to be process in here.   More hints This is an agency that is ready to help you always.

4. Scientology is not a money-making business. The fact is that they spend money for advertising itself and pays commission to its salesmen. They even spend money by suing critics.

5. Scientologists are not involved in the harassment of critics such as filing lawsuits against its critics. The truth is that they have actually filed more lawsuits against critics in just a day than most churches have in their entire history china visa on arrival. There were thousands of lawsuits of every kind that were filed globally against this mysterious religion.